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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Similarities between Two Different Worlds - Finland and Singapore Education System

1. We know both countries are culturally different, but they have the best education system in the world. Let's see their cultural values and find any similarity...

2. So, we can see that if Malaysia focuses on meritocracyhighly values education and have a strong national identity, we are on the right track for a better education system.

3. Now, let's see the education components:

4. We can see four things in common in education - equal schools, rigorous students, expert teachers, supportive ecosystems. Here are my 2-cents suggestions:

a. Meritocracy - university entrance should be granted to highly qualified individuals.
b. Education is highly valued - authoritative parenting skills needed so kids love knowledge.
c. Strong national identity - strong leadership leads to real patriotism.
d. Equal schools - do away with school rankings.
e. Rigorous students - again, authoritative parenting skills.
f. Expert teachers - only best graduates are allowed to become teachers.
g. Supportive ecosystem - all should see that they can trust one another.

5. By taking the common elements of two strongly different world, I hope our Malaysian education system can really improve.

Prologue - in conversation, sometimes we need to play along to loosen things up.

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