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Saturday, 7 April 2018

Heery's Special - How to Hack Your Brain

1. In Biology F5, we learn about synapse & neurotransmitters.

2. But, few of us know that neurotransmitters, particularly dopamine, regulates our habit.

3. If you conduct activities that you passively consume, such as surfing internet, your brain will be quickly flooded with dopamine, causing you to feel pleasure immediately.

3. You will continue to do this because the activities grant you instant pleasure. Unfortunately, this will cause addiction. This explains why most students cannot study well, because their brain has been hijacked by these consumption-based activities.

4. In order to break the addiction & ‘hack our brain’, we need to create more, such as writing/drawing/painting/studying. Your brain will release dopamine slowly, as you are working on your creation.

5. You will continue to do this because the activities grant you pleasure as you see your creation unfolds. This will results in you having passion with your work. This explain why I keep doing what I do. I simply love to create new posts for this blog. I am creating something. I gain pleasure from it.

6. This also explains why kids are encouraged to play with solid object (to build hobby/passion in later life) rather than cell phone that gives instant reward and causes addiction:

6. Summary:

 7. I hope you learn something today. Now, put down that cell-phone and start working on you hobbies. You will glad if you do this. All the best!


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