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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

(UPDATE): Analisis Soalan MRSM - Photosynthesis - Plant Loves Violet Light!

Recently, I went out to conduct seminars.

A lot of them. 

Biology SPM, 
Chemistry SPM, 
Physics SPM,
Science PT3.

One of many schools I went :-)

That's why I did not update this blog. Now it is holy Ramadhan month - time to relax and focus on updating my blog and book. Let's discuss teknik menjawab soalan which I already promised to you all before:

The question is shown below, provided with two diagrams and a table:

So, you can see 4 things already:

1. The question is about plants in beaker R & S. So, I should write two paragraphs of answers for both beakers.
2. It is a long-type question, so I should give intro/conclusion when necessary.
3. Use a lot of conjunction to connect my points.
4. I should write at least 10 sentences for 10-mark question.

Here is the perfect answer outline:

I already gave you the key. It is up to you to open the door. All the best and Salam Ramadhan for the muslims!


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