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Monday, 19 February 2018

MRSM Essay Question Analysis 2016 - Artery & Vein Characteristics

1. Let's discuss one question from MRSM back in 2016:

Credit: Wicked Biology

2. What will the heart itself say about this?

3. The question would be easy enough because we only need to churn out the points we learn before about pulmonary artery and vein in Science PT3 Form 3 Chapter 2: Transport. So, the answer scheme will be like this:

4. The question is point-explain or P-E type. So, you just need to give your point and explain them out! Make sure you divide your answers into two main themes, which are P & Q blood vessels and their respective P-E.

5. One tick will gives you one mark. So, you can see that I gave too  many points here already.

6. Since it is a high mark question, you are advised to give the introduction. This will inform your examiner that you understand what the question is all about. Besides, you will get extra valuable marks!

7. Epilogue:

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