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Saturday, 25 November 2017

Thoughts on KSSM - The Future of Malaysia Education.

We admit that the world is changing. We can thank the lightning fast telecommunication technology for that. The education will have to change too with the recent KSSM format. I wonder what will happen to our education in the future. Here are my predictions:

1) Richer, Potentially Frustrating Content.

This is because knowledge can be easily obtained from the net. Just observe the new KSSM starting this year. Also, I was taken aback on how rich the content is. For example, chapters for Sains Tingkatan 1 are highly technical in nature, especially the Jadual Berkala and Cahaya & Optik. This can be frustrating, especially if teachers fail to make the students love the subject and merely teach to the test.

2) More Hectic, Above-Average 'B' Students.

Students will spend more time with smartphones - leaving them little time to do everything else. Excellent SPM achievements (getting As) will continue to drop. On the other hand, more students will obtain above-average result since they are fairly knowledgeable than ever before. The key is for parents/teachers to teach them discipline and time management so students can balance the time between study, social, family, and leisure activities. 

3) Rise of the Machine - EduTech.

More content would cause teachers/students to yearn for high quality learning experience. Enter technologies. More students will find online materials from blogs, search engines, youtube videos, and social media. Due to hectic life, students will yearn for fun-learning online tools. They will find comics, games, and mobile apps that can help them to study and conduct revision in a more relaxed setting.

4) Home Study In, Tuition Centres Out.

Tuition centers are having hard times nowadays. This is because hectic life would make the students having no time to attend tuition centres. Students would prefer to study at home by finding online materials to read and revise. Also, they can easily communicate with school teachers and friends by sharing notes, exam questions, and quizzes. All in the comfort of home (and free), rendering tuition centres utterly obsolete. 

5) More Demand for Tech-Savvy Teachers.
Post in a post: Post-ception!
Telecommunication tech causes students to have even shorter attention span. So, they yearn for teachers who excels in providing high quality online materials. Teachers should have basic skills  such as how to build blogs, websites, and utilizing social media to the max. The key is to make the content as interesting as possible, such as having interactive websites, lively comics and drawings, and eye-catching videos. This is much preferable than having mediocre websites with cut-and-paste contents.

This is the future of education as I see it. Biology SPM also will change. Hope you teachers and parents are ready for it!


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