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Thursday, 5 October 2017

SPM 2017 TRIAL QUESTION ANALYSIS - Role of Exercise to Lymphatic System

1. Let's observe the pic below:

2. A typical couch potato. This prolonged state could be detrimental to his lymphatic system.

3. This is because the lymph cannot be pumped properly by the skeletal muscle contraction. We can say this since the person is not physically active. So, this person needs a regular exercise.

4. We can use this info to answer a short trial question in Paper 2:

Read/Download the rest of questions here.

5. HINT: Read the questions carefully and find the key points (circled ones). Write down your answer in short, concise sentence. Don't forget the conjunctions! (so, as a result).


P/S: Excuse me while I go for a short exercise with a nunchuck:

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