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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Biology SPM WhatsApp Classes are Now Online - Check Your Group

*This free WhatsApp class is accessible for seminar attendees and note purchasers only. You can join this free class by purchasing the RM39 notes. If you wish, do it quick because the notes are selling fast and we already in the final month on SPM exam!

It's here! The class is on! Please check the date of seminar attended/ note purchased and your respective group. Do inform me if your name has not yet been included in the group.

2. I shall deliver daily doses of hints and tips for Biology. We shall discuss all possible soalan ramalan and ways to tackle them.

3. Occasionally, I also will give some hints on Physics and Chemistry since I teach those subjects as well :-)

4. Example of one of the group (Family 23):

5. Thank you all for making these possible. Now go and study well and hard! Know that Cikgu Heery is always by your side along the way.

P/S: WhatsApp Class commencing...


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