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Saturday, 16 September 2017

6 Highly Useful (& Fast+Easy+Free) Tips to Improve your Biology in 1 Month.

SPM is here again. Students might feel the dread since there are too many notes to read in too little time. Fortunately, there are ways to improve your Biology score. They might not get you A, but at least your result will improve significantly if you do this. Here are the 6 tips:

1. Study with your Friends.
Plan a study group with your friends. Teach your friends one chapter and ask them to teach your another. Nothing is more motivating (and fun!) than studying together. 

2. Do Past Year Questions.
Most of SPM questions tend to repeat themselves from year to year So, it's better for you to be familiar with them. So, get yourselves some past-years questions from your nearest bookstore, pronto.  

3. Do the Trial SPM Exam Questions.
Most seminars speakers proclaimed that their forecast questions would come out in the exam. There is nothing miracle about it. This is because most SPM questions are mostly based on these trial exams from various schools/states. So, get yourselves some by downloading the questions online through various academic sites.

4. Do Topic-by-Topic Questions
SPM is all about familiarizing yourselves with the questions. Do this unceasingly. You will realize the questions tend to repeat themselves. By that time, the good results are already yours.

5.Read Compact Notes.
You no longer have the time to comprehend the whole notes. Instead, you should understand the critical points, which are frequently asked in the exam. You can read from various books/ online notes.

6. Read Biology Notes from Cikgu Heery.
What are you waiting for?


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