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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Understanding Menstrual Cycle - The Early Phase

It's is imperative to comprehend the relationship between hormones, follicle, and endometrium wall during the early phase of menstrual cycle. This is because this phase is the most important part of menstrual cycle which causes it to happen in the first place. The phase can be conveniently represented in the diagram below:

The explanation:

All the best!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Whimsy Wednesday - Flower Power.

Try not to touch/smell/kiss a flower too much next time you encounter them ;-)

BONUS Chem F4: Understanding Isotope

Hello to all Heeryians. Here is it some special isotop-y note for you guys and how to comprehend its concept:

So, basically isotopes are a group of atoms with similar proton number (thus similar chemical properties) and different neutron number (thus different physical properties). 

Memorizing tips: 
Same proton number = same element = same chemical properties = same 'chemistry'.
Different neutron number = different physical properties = different 'shape'.

I wish to transcend this note into a better visual representation:

That's better. Kinda freaky though. All the best!