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Monday, 15 May 2017

Understanding Soalan KBAT - You are a...

Before we go for the questions, first we need to understand the meaning of HOTS or KBAT. There are many definitions for it, and all of them can be listed down into three essences, which I called (don't laugh) CUM - complex, unfamiliar/unknown, multiple view.

Now, we shall look into examples of KBAT questions typically presented in Biology exams in Malaysia. Most of them would begin with "You are a...", as stated below:

1) You are an anatomist explaining how the body utilizes homeostasis to maintain balance. 
2) You are a food technologist explaining how vinegar is used in food preservation.
3) You are an enzymologist explaining how enzymes are applied as detergents.
4) You are a biotechnologist explaining the advantages/disadvantages of cloning.
5) You are a nutritionist explaining how to achieve balanced diet in adolescences.
6) You are an environmentalist explaining the negative effects of uncontrolled deforestation.
7) You are an environmentalist explaining how to manage the thinning of ozone layer.

8) You are a physician explaining how vaccine injection helps in achieving immunity.
9) You are a cardiologist explaining how to maintain a good cardiovascular system.
10) You are a police officer explaining the adverse effects of drugs to human body.
11) You are a health officer explaining how to maintain a good musculoskeletal system.
12) You are a botanist explaining how a plant can grow tall with hard wood. 
13) You are a  gynecologist explaining how in vitro fertilization helps in overcoming infertility.
14) You are a physician explaining the occurrence of hereditary diseases to a group of parents.

These are mostly discussion-type question which are open-ended and can be answered in many different ways. All you need is to make sure that your answers are pertinent to the given question. The ideal answer outline should contain some of the 5 points given below:

1) DEFINE - what is it?
2) IMPORTANCE - why it is worth talking about?
3) CAUSE - what are the factors?
4) EFFECTS - what are the pleasant/unpleasant consequences?
5) STEPS TAKEN - what should we do about it?

Use this if you face the challenges in answering KBAT question. Do refer the notes given here in the blog from time to time. All the best in your study!


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