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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Comic Note + Soalan KBAT: CLAP Enzymes in Detergents

Today's theme is CLEAN CLOTH:

Don't you just love the blue-y chemical smell that denotes the clean shirt you just washed? Thanks to the enzymes for that. They are applied as components in washing detergents.  I called them the CLAP enzymes. Here are some quick notes:

Click diagram for better view.

For SPM, this application is one of the most popular KBAT questions. Question example:

Explain the use of enzymes in detergents to wash dirty clothes (10 marks).

Initial answer outline:

One circle denotes one mark for the answer. You can add 2 points by stating that:
  • enzymes are required in small amounts because one enzyme molecule  can hydrolyze much dirt substrate.
  • washing with warm water is preferred as it will increase the washing's rate of reaction.

That's it, and a perfect score shall be yours. Stay clean!

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