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Friday, 31 March 2017

Extra Biology F5 Chapter 3: Coordination & Response - Beware of Neuromyths!

In this chapter regarding brain function, sure you all hear about so-called 'brain power' and its neromyth. Here are some of the facts, and hope you all don't fall for the myths again!

The myth stated that the brain is highly active during your childhood and tends to decay as you age. Actually, your brain is developed over time and can stay active even in your old age. So, keep on reading, researching and studying!  

The myth stated that we use only 10% of your brain, hence your brain's 'potential power' is hidden. Actually, you use 100% of it at different time according to certain function such as thinking, memorizing, eating, or riding bicycle. So, your brain is already at its peak potential! All you need now is to be discipline and put more effort in your study endeavor.  

The myth assumed that we are either left-brained or right-brained, so we need to 'train' our left brain to be good in maths. Actually, brain is neither - both analytical and artistic skills are developed simultaneously. So, study maths while making online comics is totally fine and cool!

Source: OECD: Neuromyths

P/S: This justifies my reason in lifelong learning. I believe that all of us have potential with our already tip-top brain. We all have rights to keep learning until we are old because it is our birthright granted to us by the Almighty God. I just finished my Master study and now already on my way to conduct my doctoral research. Hope you all will do too, because I believe that smart people is all we need to fight against ignorance and making the world a better place for all of us and our future generations.  

Truly - Cikgu Heery 

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