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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

COMIC NOTES for MEMORISATION - Roles of Leucocytes Part 1 (Granulocytes)

January is here again. Form 5 students are now learning about the blood-y stuffs. Here are the notes for ya. Enjoy!

All the best!

MUST-KNOW POINTS - The Most Important KBAT Question You Should Know (Forecast SPM 2017)

Here is the very first KBAT proposed by my colleagues who are some of the best teachers in the country:

Apparently the answer is not outlined in the textbook (that's why it is KBAT!). So, we need to come up with our own relevant answers pertaining to the Chapter 2 Cells from Biology Form 4. We also can borrow from the ones we learnt before in Standard 4 Science.

Here are the perfect scores of answers:

Each tick denotes 1 mark for your score. Good luck!