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Sunday, 26 November 2017

SPM 2017 Essay Analysis - Landslide Safety Measures

Let's discuss the best answer scheme for SPM 2017 essay question:

Two proposals to manage the hill slope were rejected. There's only one logical reason why:

This is truly a KBAT question. It's a tough one since the answers are not available in textbook. But we are frequently exposed to them in our daily life, so my answer scheme would be like this:

Max 10 marks, but I gave extra 4 marks here for your reference.

All the best!

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Thoughts on KSSM - The Future of Malaysia Education.

We admit that the world is changing. We can thank the lightning fast telecommunication technology for that. The education will have to change too with the recent KSSM format. I wonder what will happen to our education in the future. Here are my predictions:

1) Richer, Potentially Frustrating Content.

This is because knowledge can be easily obtained from the net. Just observe the new KSSM starting this year. Also, I was taken aback on how rich the content is. For example, chapters for Sains Tingkatan 1 are highly technical in nature, especially the Jadual Berkala and Cahaya & Optik. This can be frustrating, especially if teachers fail to make the students love the subject and merely teach to the test.

2) More Hectic, Above-Average 'B' Students.

Students will spend more time with smartphones - leaving them little time to do everything else. Excellent SPM achievements (getting As) will continue to drop. On the other hand, more students will obtain above-average result since they are fairly knowledgeable than ever before. The key is for parents/teachers to teach them discipline and time management so students can balance the time between study, social, family, and leisure activities. 

3) Rise of the Machine - EduTech.

More content would cause teachers/students to yearn for high quality learning experience. Enter technologies. More students will find online materials from blogs, search engines, youtube videos, and social media. Due to hectic life, students will yearn for fun-learning online tools. They will find comics, games, and mobile apps that can help them to study and conduct revision in a more relaxed setting.

4) Home Study In, Tuition Centres Out.

Tuition centers are having hard times nowadays. This is because hectic life would make the students having no time to attend tuition centres. Students would prefer to study at home by finding online materials to read and revise. Also, they can easily communicate with school teachers and friends by sharing notes, exam questions, and quizzes. All in the comfort of home (and free), rendering tuition centres utterly obsolete. 

5) More Demand for Tech-Savvy Teachers.
Post in a post: Post-ception!
Telecommunication tech causes students to have even shorter attention span. So, they yearn for teachers who excels in providing high quality online materials. Teachers should have basic skills  such as how to build blogs, websites, and utilizing social media to the max. The key is to make the content as interesting as possible, such as having interactive websites, lively comics and drawings, and eye-catching videos. This is much preferable than having mediocre websites with cut-and-paste contents.

This is the future of education as I see it. Biology SPM also will change. Hope you teachers and parents are ready for it!


Thursday, 9 November 2017

Biology Note Cikgu Heery (ENG) for RM39 - SOLD OUT

Photo by J. Rao, Seremban.

UPDATE (9 November 2017): Notes are selling really fast. Due to imminent Bio exam date, purchasers from KL and nearby area will have their notes delivered on the same day of payment (sent via runners). Thank You.

1. The most-awaited note for Biology SPM is finally here! I know, we still have about A MONTH before the Biology subject. So, the notes are specially designed to include all critically important and frequently-asked topics.

2. The topics included are based on those which came out in SPM Trial SPM 2017. They are tailored for you to read on your last-minute revision. It is pleasant and easy to read - you can read them all (and quickly understand them) in 1-3 days and still have time to do revision on past years questions. If you finished reading them, do ask me for questions you wish to inquire.

3. Order now by bank in RM39 (note+shipping) to Maybank account 1640 2586 9677 ZULHEERY ISMAIL. Do inform me about the payment to my number 012-2455797. Please include your name and address. The note is available in printed form (hard copy) and will be sent to your address within 1-3 via Poslaju. 

4. Make payment fast. Only 150 copies are available since most of them are already bought by schools I went for seminars.

5. Hope you all gain maximum benefit from the notes! Here are a few examples of the pages:


UPDATE 1:  34 orders ready to be shipped in the first day. Thank you all. Now let's make this year's SPM ours!

UPDATE 2: Responses from students purchased the notes:


J. RAO, N9


UPDATE 3: Example of free WhatsApp tutoring for note buyers only.


Sunday, 5 November 2017

Whimsy Wednesday - The Sum of All Soalan Ramalan You Receive from Online Sources

A good one indeed :-) I just love on how teachers tell jokes. All the best for BM tomorrow!

P/S: I am no longer taking any public inquiry about Biology SPM questions and techniques. I would like to focus on my WhatsApp group members who already paid for the notes and seminars. Please refer to my free online notes for the info you wish to seek. Thank you.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Biology SPM WhatsApp Classes are Now Online - Check Your Group

*This free WhatsApp class is accessible for seminar attendees and note purchasers only. You can join this free class by purchasing the RM39 notes. If you wish, do it quick because the notes are selling fast and we already in the final month on SPM exam!

It's here! The class is on! Please check the date of seminar attended/ note purchased and your respective group. Do inform me if your name has not yet been included in the group.

2. I shall deliver daily doses of hints and tips for Biology. We shall discuss all possible soalan ramalan and ways to tackle them.

3. Occasionally, I also will give some hints on Physics and Chemistry since I teach those subjects as well :-)

4. Example of one of the group (Family 23):

5. Thank you all for making these possible. Now go and study well and hard! Know that Cikgu Heery is always by your side along the way.

P/S: WhatsApp Class commencing...


Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Whimsy Wednesday - Cool Yourself Down Amidst the Battle Heat

To all Heeryians,

Take your study seriously... and relax once in a while to recharge things up :-)


Teknik Menjawab Soalan - Light VS Dark Reaction of Photosynthesis (REVISITED & UPDATED FOR SPM 2017)

*The post was originally published in 2014, which you can access by clicking the poster below:

1. Let's observe of the question asked for this year's SPM trial paper:

2. It's a straightforward question. You are advised to write in table form, as shown below:

3. 2 similarities and 4 differences should be enough to get you a perfect 6-mark answer according to the question.

4. Extra tips and hints:

- To show similarities, start your sentence with 'Both'.
- To show differences, label the titles (example: LIGHT REACTION, DARK REACTION).
- Make sure you write more differences than similarities. 
- Write in short sentence.
- Remember, 1 comparison equals to 1 mark.


Thursday, 5 October 2017

Teknik Menjawab Soalan - Describe Eutrophication Process (UPDATED FOR SPM 2017).

Algal bloom in the house

*This post was originally posted back in 2013. I realized one of the trial question 2017 asked about eutrophication. So, I'm digging old treasures just for you SPM 2017 sitters.

1. Eutrophication is one of the most famous question for Biology SPM.

Download the rest of the question here.
To answer the question above, I give you technique to answer it by using FADDDDD ( 1 F & 5 'D's).

2. The FADDDDD outline:

3. The specific question for this FADDDDD would be about the process & consequence of eutrophication. Let's discuss what are the initials in the FADDDDD:

F - Fertilizers
A - Algal bloom
D - Die (submerged plants)
D - Die (aquatic life aka fishes)
D - Die (alga itself!)
D - Decomposition
D - Dead zone

4. The FADDDDD is favorable as it covers all important points needed for full marks (terms, explanations/processes, & examples - remember PEE system in my previous posts). Below is the example of a good answer from an A-list student:


Q: Discuss the eutrophication process which leads to a high BOD in an ecosystem. 

Answer Outline:

The answer is given full marks (nearly 100%) because it contains these important points:

1. Can you see the red bold words? Those are the important terms (istilah) enlisted as FADDDDD.
2. Can you see the blue bold words? Those are the right examples.
3. Can you see the red-underlined sentences? Those are the correct explanations.



SPM 2017 TRIAL QUESTION ANALYSIS - Role of Exercise to Lymphatic System

1. Let's observe the pic below:

2. A typical couch potato. This prolonged state could be detrimental to his lymphatic system.

3. This is because the lymph cannot be pumped properly by the skeletal muscle contraction. We can say this since the person is not physically active. So, this person needs a regular exercise.

4. We can use this info to answer a short trial question in Paper 2:

Read/Download the rest of questions here.

5. HINT: Read the questions carefully and find the key points (circled ones). Write down your answer in short, concise sentence. Don't forget the conjunctions! (so, as a result).


P/S: Excuse me while I go for a short exercise with a nunchuck:

Monday, 18 September 2017


1. GMO food, they are everywhere! Just look at the big fat KFC drumsticks...

2. We all know the importance of trial questions since the real SPM questions would be based on them. Let's discuss one question from a trial paper for MRSM:

Credit goes to Bumi Gemilang.

3. The question is quite straightforward, which we need to elaborate the benefits and risks of GMO food

4. Remember, this is a discussion-type question which asks about some biotech application (in this case, genetics applied in GMO production).

5. Critical: So, you need to put intro, conclusion, PEE schema (Point-Explain-Example), and lots of conjunctions (firstly, secondly, besides, also, as a result, etc...).

6. So, here are my proposed answer outline which will guarantee you a perfect 10-mark score:


P/S: This will be my last post for this month since I'm going away to schools all over M'sia for seminar tour. Take care all!

Saturday, 16 September 2017

6 Highly Useful (& Fast+Easy+Free) Tips to Improve your Biology in 1 Month.

SPM is here again. Students might feel the dread since there are too many notes to read in too little time. Fortunately, there are ways to improve your Biology score. They might not get you A, but at least your result will improve significantly if you do this. Here are the 6 tips:

1. Study with your Friends.
Plan a study group with your friends. Teach your friends one chapter and ask them to teach your another. Nothing is more motivating (and fun!) than studying together. 

2. Do Past Year Questions.
Most of SPM questions tend to repeat themselves from year to year So, it's better for you to be familiar with them. So, get yourselves some past-years questions from your nearest bookstore, pronto.  

3. Do the Trial SPM Exam Questions.
Most seminars speakers proclaimed that their forecast questions would come out in the exam. There is nothing miracle about it. This is because most SPM questions are mostly based on these trial exams from various schools/states. So, get yourselves some by downloading the questions online through various academic sites.

4. Do Topic-by-Topic Questions
SPM is all about familiarizing yourselves with the questions. Do this unceasingly. You will realize the questions tend to repeat themselves. By that time, the good results are already yours.

5.Read Compact Notes.
You no longer have the time to comprehend the whole notes. Instead, you should understand the critical points, which are frequently asked in the exam. You can read from various books/ online notes.

6. Read Biology Notes from Cikgu Heery.
What are you waiting for?


My First Free Tutorial Video Ever! - Homeostasis Overview

The blog is just getting better and better. Now you watch and listen to my posts instead of reading them. Here is the first video - the start of many videos to come. I believe you can gain a lot by watching this because I cover many subtopics in one video. Enjoy!

*sorry for the low-res and slightly shaky cam :-p

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

My Upcoming Biology SPM 2017 Seminar at Desa Pandan

Latest Biology SPM seminar @MBSS KL

1. The seminar is on! More details outlined here:

Date: 14 October 2017 (Saturday) OR 15 October 2017 (Sunday). Choose either date.
Time: 11am to 3pm.
Location: SmartMaths Desa Pandan Learning Centre. (CLICK FOR DIRECTION).
Address: 37-1, Jalan 1/76, Desa Pandan 55100, Kuala Lumpur (beside Bank Rakyat and above Mamak Bistro).
Fee: RM70 per person.

FREE: After-seminar personal tutoring and Cikgu Heery's customized notes.

2. Register by making online payment on Maybank account 1640 2586 9677 under ZULHEERY ISMAIL. Payment should be made at the latest ONE DAY before seminar.

3. Call/WhatsApp/Message Cikgu Heery directly at 012-2455797 for more details and confirming your registration.

4. The 4-hours seminar shall be packed with discussion of forecast questions and answering techniques.

5. Alternatively, if you cannot attend the seminar, you can still order the seminar notes for the same fees RM70 and it shall be sent to you. You can study them in the comfort of your home and contact me through WhatsApp for inquiries.

You learnt my notes. You know my style. Now it's time to meet the master. See you all guys later!

-Cikgu Heery

Monday, 4 September 2017

TEKNIK MENJAWAB : Gastric Bypass Procedure (UPDATED FOR SPM 2017)

KBAT question is not about new, hard, difficult, or unusual topics. It's about text-book topics being asked in different perspectives. Here, we shall discuss the GBP, which the basic features we already learnt  in F4 in Nutrition chapter:

Let's revise the concept from Nick and Singer below...

Easy enough. Now we can go straight to the KBAT question examples:


Let's analyse the answers:

Question 1: Full marks are given because the student has given the answer according to the question (physiological and physical). (That's why you need to read the question carefully!).

Question 2: Full marks are given due to relevant (logical) answers.

Question 3: Again, full marks are given because the student has given the answer according to the question (regarding the digestion system).

Question 4: Again, full marks are given due to relevant (logical) answers + relevant reason.


If you see my answers, they are rather short and concise. Yup, that's the gist of SPM essay writing. So, keep your answer short and simple. Just remember this : One sentence = one relevant point = one full mark.