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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Regarding the 17 Sept Seminar...

A number of parents already inquiring about the Sept 17 seminar. Thank you for such an enthusiastic responses! Here are extra info you all need to know:

1. The seminar and the notes shall be presented in full English.

2. The seminar is highly exclusive with 30 students max. I consider the group as a elite team of dedicated students who genuinely want to improve their grades and excel in their studies.

3. The seminar is highly customized to the students' preference. I shall personally monitor them so they would gain maximum benefit from the invested value of RM79.

4. If the students cannot/unable to attend the seminar (but already paid the fees), I will post and deliver the notes (with answers and extra useful tips) the students.

5. All 70++ questions have been systematically researched and designed as the most popular and frequently-asked questions which qualify them as the 'soalan ramalan' - mastering the questions would tremendously improve the students' grade. 

Hope to see you this Sept 17! All the best :-)


  1. Hey there, just a mundane and lackadaisical SPM candidate here abreacting her appreciation, because of the exertion of effort you've dedicated for this amenity(blog), please do not ever lose interest in this blogging mileu as I think you are one the best Biology teacher out there.

    1. indeed, i realized most SPM blogs are merely copy-paste posts intending to sell their outrageously expensive but mundane notes. i do appreciate your points. thanks :-)

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