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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Regarding the 17 Sept Seminar...

A number of parents already inquiring about the Sept 17 seminar. Thank you for such an enthusiastic responses! Here are extra info you all need to know:

1. The seminar and the notes shall be presented in full English.

2. The seminar is highly exclusive with 30 students max. I consider the group as a elite team of dedicated students who genuinely want to improve their grades and excel in their studies.

3. The seminar is highly customized to the students' preference. I shall personally monitor them so they would gain maximum benefit from the invested value of RM79.

4. If the students cannot/unable to attend the seminar (but already paid the fees), I will post and deliver the notes (with answers and extra useful tips) the students.

5. All 70++ questions have been systematically researched and designed as the most popular and frequently-asked questions which qualify them as the 'soalan ramalan' - mastering the questions would tremendously improve the students' grade. 

Hope to see you this Sept 17! All the best :-)