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Thursday, 3 March 2016

(BAHASA) Pergerakan dalam Belalang Menggunakan Lompatan Lastik (Locomotion in Grasshopper using Catapult Jump)

Here is the note for the Locomotion chapter learnt in F5. Enjoy! (CLICK TO ENLARGE).

Semoga berjaya!


  1. Salam cikgu , how can I contact you ? I really need help for Biology .. Im sitting for my SPM end of this year .. I always get A- for my biology .. Can u please help me ?

  2. Raja nur shahkeerah,A- is very gud already,what about like always get D or E....where is the hope to get an A😭

  3. Hi Cikgu Heery, where should i buy your notes? I really need your help so my sister can score in Biology.

  4. Hi Cikgu heery,how do I can contact you?I think your notes can help me improve my biology .I will be sitting spm next year.