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Friday, 2 October 2015

SOALAN RAMALAN 2015: Special Paper 3 Biology - 8 Easy Steps of Writing the Perfect Procedure

Writing procedure is quite daunting due to its high technicality. Fortunately, not so if you observe the tips below. It is taken from transpiration experiment, one of the most highly anticipated soalan ramalan for this year. Enjoy!


1. You MUST include all the MV1, MV2, RV1, RV2, and RV3 because they are the essence for experiment regarding on how you manage the manipulated and responding variables. Hence, they are actively sought after by the examiner when marking you paper.

2. You are advised to write in passive sentence (reported format) so you answer would 'sound like a scientific paper'.

3. You can apply the same procedure for Physics and Chemistry experiments.


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