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Monday, 4 September 2017

TEKNIK MENJAWAB : Gastric Bypass Procedure (UPDATED FOR SPM 2017)

KBAT question is not about new, hard, difficult, or unusual topics. It's about text-book topics being asked in different perspectives. Here, we shall discuss the GBP, which the basic features we already learnt  in F4 in Nutrition chapter:

Let's revise the concept from Nick and Singer below...

Easy enough. Now we can go straight to the KBAT question examples:


Let's analyse the answers:

Question 1: Full marks are given because the student has given the answer according to the question (physiological and physical). (That's why you need to read the question carefully!).

Question 2: Full marks are given due to relevant (logical) answers.

Question 3: Again, full marks are given because the student has given the answer according to the question (regarding the digestion system).

Question 4: Again, full marks are given due to relevant (logical) answers + relevant reason.


If you see my answers, they are rather short and concise. Yup, that's the gist of SPM essay writing. So, keep your answer short and simple. Just remember this : One sentence = one relevant point = one full mark.


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