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Saturday, 4 July 2015

SOALAN RAMALAN 2015: Teknik Menjawab + What You MUST Know - Describing Plasmolysis & Deplasmolysis

Here is the perfect answer scheme for the Paper 2. The points you MUST include (sought by paper examiners) are highlighted.


1. Always remember the different between the processes (plasmolysis/deplasmolysis) and the end results (flaccid/turgid) in the plant cell.

2. Use the word 'pancit' or 'punctured' to memorize plasmolysis process.

3. Most questions are situation-based. For example, the plant is watered, immersed in distilled water, diluted or concentrated salt/sugar solution, or given high concentration of fertilizers. Recognize the situation before you decide whether the plant is undergoing plasmolysis or deplasmolysis.


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  1. isn't the plasmolysis suppose to be hypertonic? Just asking bcs I'm confused ^^