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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

QuickEasy Note + Teknik Menjawab - Absorption Process in the Small Intestine

Today, we shall embark on the quest to fully understand the absorption process in the small intestine. First, observe the diagram of a villus below:

The arrows show the direction of nutrients in the absorption processes. First, you see the nutrients are absorbed into the thin epithelium cells. Second, the nutrients are either absorbed into the blood capillary or the lacteal.

These are the two points that would give you perfect marks in the examination if you mention them. The perfect details are shown below:

Now you know the points. Let's apply them with the question example below:

"Describe the absorption process of the end product of protein in the small intestine". (3 marks).

The end product of protein is amino acid. (1 mark).
First, amino acid is absorbed through the thin epithelial cells of the villi using facilitated diffusion (1 mark).
Then, the amino acid is absorbed into the bloodstream into the liver for assimilation (1 mark).


1. The highlighted terms are sought by the paper examiner to give you full mark.

2. Leave out the hepatic portal vein and liver because they are part of assimilation, not absorption, unless required by the question.


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