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Friday, 16 January 2015

KBAT - Effect of Low RBC Count

Early this year, I already got plenty messages inquiring about the KBAT questions. One frequently asked would be about the effect of low red blood cells (RBC) or erythrocytes in the human body.

The question:

"A man is diagnosed with low RBC count. Explain the possible consequences to his body and health. Also, explain the type of food required in order to improve his condition." (10 marks)

Any question with 7 marks and above should be provided with long-written answer. So, we shall use the techniques you learn in BM Karangan (Pendahuluan, Isi, Penutup), as shown below:

Like BM and English, always use paragraph to separate the Pendahuluan, Isi, & Penutup. If you have problems in BM, go to this blog Cikgu Tan CL. He is sheer awesomely awesome. 

I shall be traveling to schools in Malaysia to give talks about teaching KBAT topics for Biology SPM. Perhaps I shall meet you guys. Don't forget to holler at me.


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