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Monday, 28 December 2015

Meet the Ground Tissues- Plant's Support Team

Indeed, the function of ground tissue is to provide mechanical support to the plant. Let's meet them all shall we..!




p/s: Happy holiday! Looking forward for 2016... :-)

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Super Easy Diagram + Teknik Menjawab : Protein Assimilation

From the diagram below, you can easily comprehend the assimilation process of protein. Hence, this would be really convenient for you students to learn & for you teachers to teach:

In order to apply this diagram, let's go straight to the exam question:

"Describe the process of protein assimilation in the liver" (8 - 10 marks).

Here are the perfect answer schemes:

P/S: I seldom update my post regularly nowadays due to my commitment to my research studies and to write my Biology notebooks for both this blog and my publishers. This 2016 would be a great year indeed, I promise! :-) 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Snippet from the Book: Describing Eutrophication

I realize many students, parents, and teachers are asking about my book. It shall be released next year 2016. Here is a note taken from the book. Hope it helps!


Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

PHYSICS SPECIAL - Original Force as Hypotenuse

Let's revise one of the most simplest concept yet can be confusing - Force Resolution:


The key is to make the resultant force (I call it original force) as hypotenuse. Here, 100N is the original force.



Let's go for next example:


This time, can you find the original force? yup, it's the weight = mg = 100N. Hence, make this 100N as the hypotenuse:

Let's compare this with students' common mistake:


Can you see why this is wrong? yup, because the resultant force is not the hypotenuse. Try to remember that original force is the hypotenuse next time :-)


Heery's SPM 2015 Workshop in KL (17&18 Oct OR 24&25 Oct)

1. Hi all. I was absent last September due to my Master's project regarding Orang Asli education in Kelantan.

2. Once I reached back in KL, I received plenty of requests about my seminars/workshops and notes. Hence, I would like to apologize for not answering you in time due to my conflicting schedules.

3. Seminars in Penang, JB, and Kuantan are fully booked by PIBG and schools there. Sorry guys :-p

4. Here are the details for SPM workshop in KL:


Smartmaths Tuition Centre Desa Pandan.
37-1, Jalan 1/76, 55100, Kuala Lumpur Desa Pandan. (beside Bank Rakyat Kampung Pandan.)

SESSION 1: 17 and 18 October 2015 (Saturday and Sunday) OR
SESSION 2: 24 and 25 October 2015 (Saturday and Sunday)
Conducted primarily in English language.



*all subjects by Cikgu Heery.

1 Subject : RM90
2 Subjects : RM170
3 Subjects : RM240

Walk-in. Early registration are recommended due to high demand. Do make necessary payment to Maybank account ZULHEERY BIN ISMAIL 1640-2586-9677. Please inform if you already made the payment. Your paid fees will be fully refund if you do not attend the seminar.

-Breakfast and Lunch
-Personalized notes
-After-seminar followup 

5. Like I mentioned before, we shall focus on 3 mighty essences to improve your results in SPM, which are:

a) Strategi Belajar - We shall revise critical F4 & F5 notes and learn to comprehend them in a fun way.

b) Teknik Menjawab - We shall learn step-by-step and easy strategies to score essay and experiment questions.

c) Soalan Ramalan - We shall analyse the past years and question examples from selected schools around Malaysia.

6. Like I said before, unlike other big hall seminars, I prefer medium-sized class (20-30 students) to ensure high quality two-way instruction and personal attention in order for students to gain maximum benefit from my seminars.

7. For inquiries, directly contact Mr Heery on email or call/whatsapp 012-2455797. Don't worry, I'll be around this time :-)


Friday, 9 October 2015

SOALAN RAMALAN KBAT 2015 - Plant's Macronutrients and Micronutrients.

This KBAT question is specially dedicated to the new movie The Martin starring Matt Damon. In the movie, he had to grow crops on Mars in order to survive. Can he do it? 

Here are the questions:

In the end, he did!


Monday, 5 October 2015

SPM 2015 Note Special - 5 Critical Features of Virus You MUST Know

Something for you guys to revise for the Big Day.


1. This topic mostly come out in Paper 1 objective questions. Typical soalan Aras 1 & 2 regarding the features of virus compared to other microorganisms. 

2. EXTRA: Virus doesn't conduct any biological process (respiration/ metabolism/ ingestion/digestion/ egestion/ excretion) since it is a non-living microorganism.


Friday, 2 October 2015

SOALAN RAMALAN 2015: Special Paper 3 Biology - 8 Easy Steps of Writing the Perfect Procedure

Writing procedure is quite daunting due to its high technicality. Fortunately, not so if you observe the tips below. It is taken from transpiration experiment, one of the most highly anticipated soalan ramalan for this year. Enjoy!


1. You MUST include all the MV1, MV2, RV1, RV2, and RV3 because they are the essence for experiment regarding on how you manage the manipulated and responding variables. Hence, they are actively sought after by the examiner when marking you paper.

2. You are advised to write in passive sentence (reported format) so you answer would 'sound like a scientific paper'.

3. You can apply the same procedure for Physics and Chemistry experiments.


Monday, 24 August 2015

Soalan Ramalan SPM 2015 (Soalan Struktur) + Revision for Cellular Respiration

Let's discuss the soalan ramalan for this year regarding the cellular respiration in Paper 2 (credit of Cambridge O-Level archieve)


Please read the question carefully. Students might miss the word 'two arrows' and 'most' in the question above.

Friday, 21 August 2015

ANNOUNCEMENT - Cikgu Heery's SPM Seminar for SPM 2015

To all beloved students/parents.

1. My seminar would be conducted in 4 cities in Penang, KL, JB, and Kuantan. 

2. The particulars would be out on September. The seminars would be conducted in October.

3. The subjects are Biology, Chemistry, or Physics (CHOOSE EITHER OR ALL 3). All of them would be presented by me Cikgu Heery.

4. We shall discuss the 3 mighty essences for improving your results in SPM - strategi belajar, teknik menjawab (Paper 2 & 3), & soalan ramalan.

5. Unlike other big hall seminars, I prefer medium-sized class (maximum 30 students) to ensure high quality two-way instruction and personal attention in order for students to gain maximum benefit from my seminars.

6. The session would be conducted for 2 days from 9am to 6pm on weekends (Saturday AND Sunday).

7. The fees would be around RM250 (TOTAL ALL 3 SUBJECTS, LESSER IF CHOSEN 1 OR 2 SUBJECTS). complete with personalized notes, certificate, breakfast, and lunch.

8. For inquiries, directly contact Mr Heery on email or call/whatsapp 012-2455797.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Memorising Technique - Mendel's First Law

To memorise this, use ASK technique:

A - allele 
S - separate
K - (k)combine

Here are the complete explanation:

Seems easy enough. Unfortunately SPM question is not this simple. The question would ask you to apply this law in the schematic diagram given to you, especially concerning genetic diseases . We discuss about this later.


SOALAN RAMALAN 2015 + KBAT Question Examples - ADH

Today, we discuss the effect of ADH in regulating the blood osmotic pressure (BOP). Common KBAT question would show graph like below:

For today's post, we shall discuss the questions involving A:


1. Red underlined terms are the ones you should memorize for writing answers in Paper 2.


Thursday, 9 July 2015

Road to SPM 2015 - 10 Common Improper Terms You should Avoid in Paper 2

Here are the 10 improper terms commonly written with their respective proper ones:

Stay tuned for the Soalan Ramalan Trial 2015. 


Saturday, 4 July 2015

SOALAN RAMALAN 2015: Teknik Menjawab + What You MUST Know - Describing Plasmolysis & Deplasmolysis

Here is the perfect answer scheme for the Paper 2. The points you MUST include (sought by paper examiners) are highlighted.


1. Always remember the different between the processes (plasmolysis/deplasmolysis) and the end results (flaccid/turgid) in the plant cell.

2. Use the word 'pancit' or 'punctured' to memorize plasmolysis process.

3. Most questions are situation-based. For example, the plant is watered, immersed in distilled water, diluted or concentrated salt/sugar solution, or given high concentration of fertilizers. Recognize the situation before you decide whether the plant is undergoing plasmolysis or deplasmolysis.


Friday, 3 July 2015

SOALAN RAMALAN 2015 + KBAT (Soalan Struktur) - Diabetes Mellitus

Here is the graph of diabetic person being admitted to clinic and administered hormone injection at time X.


At this level, you should use the term 'hydrolyse' instead of 'digest' or 'break down' for the chemical digestion process.


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

SOALAN RAMALAN 2015 + KBAT (Soalan Struktur) - Analysing Blood Count Table

Here is a blood count table of an individual:

You are required to analyze the blood cell components based on the table above. The Q&A outline is provided below:


1. Always remember to describe the terms you provided - such as when mentioning phagocytosis, you should describe it (neutrophils engulf and digest pathogens).


Tuesday, 30 June 2015

QuickEasy Note + Teknik Menjawab - Absorption Process in the Small Intestine

Today, we shall embark on the quest to fully understand the absorption process in the small intestine. First, observe the diagram of a villus below:

The arrows show the direction of nutrients in the absorption processes. First, you see the nutrients are absorbed into the thin epithelium cells. Second, the nutrients are either absorbed into the blood capillary or the lacteal.

These are the two points that would give you perfect marks in the examination if you mention them. The perfect details are shown below:

Now you know the points. Let's apply them with the question example below:

"Describe the absorption process of the end product of protein in the small intestine". (3 marks).

The end product of protein is amino acid. (1 mark).
First, amino acid is absorbed through the thin epithelial cells of the villi using facilitated diffusion (1 mark).
Then, the amino acid is absorbed into the bloodstream into the liver for assimilation (1 mark).


1. The highlighted terms are sought by the paper examiner to give you full mark.

2. Leave out the hepatic portal vein and liver because they are part of assimilation, not absorption, unless required by the question.


QUICKEASY - Understanding Auxin Graph

Here is the quickeasy way to understand the auxin graph. We just need to divide the graph into 3 level of auxin concentration. The description of the effect of auxin to shoot and root is given below:


1. The red-circled ones are frequently asked in the SPM. 


PS: I realize i haven't been working on this blog for almost a month. It's quite hard to do that if you are a speaker who have to attend 40++ schools while travelling around Malaysia to finish up your Master's project paper within 2 months length. Still, I shall deliver what I do best in this blog, especially for the upcoming SPM Trial.


Thursday, 14 May 2015

SOALAN RAMALAN 2015 + Teknik Menjawab - Explaining Greenhouse Effect (6 marks)

Observe the two pictures below:

The best explanation is outlined below:


1. The word 'land and sea' is highlighted to show their importance as the main location where the GH effect begins and concludes.

2. Giving the examples of some of the greenhouse gases (NO COMEN) would yield one extra mark.

NO - nitrogen oxides
CO - carbon dioxide
MEN - methane.



Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Quickeasy - Understanding the Structural Difference of the Plant's Ground Tissue

1. This is one of the most commonly asked by the teachers and students whenever I go delivering seminars in schools. Here is the quickeasy note:

2. This is highly useful for you to understand the topic of type of plant tissue (F4) and terrestrial plant's support system (F5). 

The questions are quite direct. For example, "What are the features of parenchyma tissu?".