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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

EXTRA LAST-MINUTE REVISION SPM 2014 - Dark VS Light Reaction of Photosynthesis

(I'm still SMSing with few students who's not yet asleep even the time is already 1.30am. So, this is specially dedicated to you for this morning's exam.)

Light VS Dark. The ultimate manifestation of Good VS Evil.

In Biology , we have light and dark reaction of photosynthesis. The typical question would be to compare similarities and differences of light and dark reaction of photosynthesis. 

Give your answer in table form. Here is the example of a perfect answer outline:

As usual, each tick denotes 1 mark. So, you can easily score 11 marks from this answer scheme alone.

My final words for SPM 2014...



  1. Cikgu, saya pelajar tingkatan 5 dari sebuah sekolah sbp di selangor. Izinkan saya mengambil nota nota ini sebagai rujukan.