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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

90 Days since the Departure of my Dad...

Today heralds 3 months since the death of my father, Taweesak Soontaravirat (Zakaria Tawee Abdullah) on 25th August. Usually, I jokingly tell my students that dead people are busy 'decomposing songs' by composing the music in reverse...

But when the news of his passing hit me that day, I was speechless. I sat down silently, thinking of how wonderful he had been my dad all these years. I admit that we fell out previously, and I regret that. Now I just have my mum. I shall treasure her while she is still around. I shall make more time to be back home regardless how busy I am.  

I hope God would give you His blessing and grant you a peaceful afterlife among the righteous souls.

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