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Friday, 31 October 2014

FORECAST 2014 SERIES#2 - Pancreas Malfunction


A doctor-patient situation is given below:

A) State and explain the effect of the condition above to the production of pancreatic enzymes and hormones (4 marks)

B) Suggest and explain relevant advice that can be given by the physician so the patient can manage his condition (4 marks)


Before we answer these question, let's do a quick revision about the pancreas function:

Thus, the answers:




Pancreas function is to produce digestive enzymes such as LAT (lipase, amylase, & trypsin). (1m)
Since he has degenerative pancreatic disease, the production of these enzymes will be low. (1m)
Pancreas function is also to produce sugar-regulating enzymes (insulin & glucagon). (1m)
Since he has degenerative pancreatic disease, the production of these hormones will also be low (1m).


The patient should take enzyme pills together with his/her meal (1m)
So, the patient can compensate his/her low production of enzymes. (1m)
The patient also should take insulin injection after a heavy meal. (1m)
So the insulin travels in bloodstream to the liver & reduce the blood glucose level (1m). 


FORECAST 2014 SERIES#1 - Homeostasis Importance

Students have been asking about my notes they can purchase. Unfortunately, it will be available starting next year.

Still, good news for you taking SPM this year. I present you some of my free snippets of my module, which I shall deliver regularly until the Biology exam. Here is one of them. Enjoy! (CLICK TO ENLARGE)


Thursday, 30 October 2014

Soalan KBAT/HOTS- Golgi Apparatus

Let's study about this guy:

At this time you already know its function:

SPM question would ask you the cells containing much GA, so according to the answer above, we can deduce the examples:

hormone = insulin
enzyme = pepsin
glycoprotein = mucus

hence, the answer:

Just left few days guys. Go for it!


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Less than a Week - GANBATTE ALL!

Excuse me for not updating my blog this whole month. Been traveling around for seminars all over the country! Here are some of the photos at the SS4 Kajang - simply the best crowd of them all. Enjoy!

All hail the Heery!

Handouts in the air..!

Future lawyers, engineers, doctors...

Best smiles of SS4

I have no idea what happened here!

Delight of the Day - Doraemon notes!

Doraemon notes part 2 - taken by Ziqing Law, tq!

EPILOGUE - The Klan of Kajang ready to face the Big Day.

It has been such fun teaching you guys, ganbatte all!


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Teknik Menjawab Soalan using Table Form (REVISITED & UPDATED FOR SPM 2017) - Mitosis vs Meiosis

Paper 1 is easy. Paper 3 is highly technical and can be answered with specific techniques. Paper 2 especially the Section B possess quite a challenge. Plus, it carries the most marks. Hence, I receive the most inquiries about the so-called essay questions using the table. Here, I share with you the tips regarding this most dreaded question in Biology SPM...

PART 1: It is NOT strictly essay question
Most of us think that we need to write like the essays in BM & BI. It is not. It is called OPEN RESPONSE ITEMS. Not just essays, you also can construct your answers with sequence diagrams, tables, graphs, or illustrations. Just remember you can do more than just essays. If you feel comfortable with essay, then stick to the essay with paragraphs. If you are an analytical person, then go for tables. If you are an artistic guy, then go for illustrations (must have labellings). The point of having open response items is adjust to STUDENTS' DIFFERENT LEARNING STYLE. Your teachers should inform you about this during your Form 4 years. My favorite is the table form. Let's go for the table today...

Part 2: Tackling the 'Essay' Using Table Form
The key is to describe your point accurately. Write your answer in simple sentence. Example of question & schema:

Q: Compare the similarities and differences between mitosis and meiosis (6 marks):


5 years ago, this answer schema is considered incorrect because of being too simple. Recently, simple answer schema is accepted so students can easily score an A for the paper. Hooray!


Tending the Lawn - Sekolah Sri Garden

Here are the quirky photos of how the Gardenians are having fun with Biology...

PROLOGUE: Best smiles of the day!

The staring contest!

The Glorious Garden Girls

The elite 17ners

Come and join us!

The diligent and happening students 

The Gardenians hard at work...

It was really awesome to teach you guys. Yup, we'll meet again later for Physics SPM. See ya tomorrow, fellas.


EPILOGUE: Where am I?