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Friday, 8 August 2014

Teknik Menjawab - Describing & Explaining Ultrafiltration

Today, we shall discuss about one of the most famous subtopic in Coordination & Response - ultrafiltration. The typical question would be something like this:

"Explain the process of ultrafiltration in the nephrons" (5 marks) 

It's a 5-marks question, which means you have to write at least 5 sentences. Before we go for the answer, let's enjoy my depiction of the process below:

Now you can make sense of the ultrafiltration process. Here is the set of good answer:

The answers above are considered perfect for the Paper 2 due to 3 primary reasons:

a) The answer contains keywords which are appropriately described.
b) The answer contains suitable examples.
c) They have 'flow' due to the use of conjunctions. 

There you go - the secret to get perfect marks for the Paper 2 Section B questions. Now, get yourself busy for the SPM trial.


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