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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Teknik Menjawab + Cool Note :Describing & Explaining Acid Rain

Here is the note for today regarding the acid rain from yours truly:

As you can see, the acid rain affects these five major components in the environment. The typical SPM question would ask you the effects of acid rain to the environment. Here is the perfect answer outline:

Each red tick is given 1 full mark. So, you can easily score 10 marks from this answer scheme alone.  

Still, it's no guarantee as you need to do a lot of revision, exercise, think & rethink about what you have learnt so far...

It might be tough, but you sure will have the fun along the way! - as long you have the right teacher ;-) 


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  1. These notes are awesome and easily comprehensible! Wished I had seen it before!!