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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Teknik Menjawab + Cool Note :Describing & Explaining Acid Rain

Here is the note for today regarding the acid rain from yours truly:

As you can see, the acid rain affects these five major components in the environment. The typical SPM question would ask you the effects of acid rain to the environment. Here is the perfect answer outline:

Each red tick is given 1 full mark. So, you can easily score 10 marks from this answer scheme alone.  

Still, it's no guarantee as you need to do a lot of revision, exercise, think & rethink about what you have learnt so far...

It might be tough, but you sure will have the fun along the way! - as long you have the right teacher ;-) 


Sunday, 17 August 2014

Teknik Menjawab + Cool Note: Explaining Compensation Point

I've been requested by few number of teachers to explain the compensation point which you students learnt during Respiration chapter. Here is my note:

Here is the process explained the easy way complete with perfect answers for the Paper 2. One full precious mark is given for each tick:

Tips for the Paper 2 (if they question asks to explain about the whole compensation rate process):

1. Divide your answer into 3 paragraphs (low light, compensation point, high light).
2. Write your answers regarding the process & result as given above.

Congratulations on being the master of compensation rate! Make sure to do lots of exercise, & do them with gusto!


Friday, 8 August 2014

Teknik Menjawab - Describing & Explaining Ultrafiltration

Today, we shall discuss about one of the most famous subtopic in Coordination & Response - ultrafiltration. The typical question would be something like this:

"Explain the process of ultrafiltration in the nephrons" (5 marks) 

It's a 5-marks question, which means you have to write at least 5 sentences. Before we go for the answer, let's enjoy my depiction of the process below:

Now you can make sense of the ultrafiltration process. Here is the set of good answer:

The answers above are considered perfect for the Paper 2 due to 3 primary reasons:

a) The answer contains keywords which are appropriately described.
b) The answer contains suitable examples.
c) They have 'flow' due to the use of conjunctions. 

There you go - the secret to get perfect marks for the Paper 2 Section B questions. Now, get yourself busy for the SPM trial.


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A Blast with the Best II - SMAP Kajang

PROLOGUE: First lesson - Love Thy Mother

After an overwhelmingly positive response from my first seminar, I'm back to the school for the second time this year for the Teknik Menjawab seminar. Here are the delights of the day.

Gearing up for the seminar with smiles...

More smiles from the jovial jeune filles :-) 

Future leaders on the lead...

Future professionals on the prowl for perfect scores!

After the seminar - relax time!

As usual, the reception was par excellence. My next seminar for this school will be on again next week. See you again, fellas!


EPILOGUE: The man of the moment!