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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Special 100 Days before SPM - What you MUST know about Placenta

Here is the diagram of you 17 years ago:

5 Points you MUST know about Placenta:

1) Q: The content & blood of umbilical artery
A: Waste products & deoxygenated blood (Out of baby --> need to be removed).

2) Q: The content & blood of umbilical vein:
A: Oxygen, nutrients, antibody, & hormones (ONAH) ; oxygenated blood (Into the baby --> something useful).

3) Q: The 2 main function of placenta:
A1: As exchange site between mother & embryo (give example of substances like given above).
A2: Produce oestrogen & progesterone (they maintain thickness of uterine wall throughout pregnancy).

4) Q: Do the blood capillaries of mother & embryo combine together?
A: NO.

5) Q: 3 reasons for this separation between mother & embryo blood capillaries:
A1: Prevent blood mixing that causes blood coagulation if not compatible.
A2: Prevent higher blood pressure of mother damaging the embryo's blood circulation.
A3) Prevent pathogens & toxins from mother entering embryo's blood circulation.


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