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Friday, 11 July 2014

Physics Special - Lifting the KLCC

In F4, we learnt the Pascal Principle as stated below:

This principle is applied in basic hydraulic system to lift heavy objects, as shown below:

2 interesting points can be stated here:

a) The liquid is in enclosed (not leaking).
b) The pressure at A and B is similar because the pressure is transmitted equally.

Hence, a small force at A can generate a large force at B. This can be done as long the area at A is super small compare to area at B.

Let's go to the extreme. Let's do this to lift the whole KLCC:

A HOTS/KBAT question can be asked as below:

Cikgu Heery desires to be the first person in the world to lift the whole freakin' KLCC using the hydraulic system. The weight of the building is 3,600,910,000N. How much is the area B needed if the push and area at A is maintained 1N & 1m square?

Here is the calculation:

3600 km square... or 15 TIMES THE AREA OF WHOLE KL (243 km square). Guess I have to kiss my dream goodbye :-(

Still, it was really fun designing this post for you guys. Do take care always, and...


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