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Sunday, 13 July 2014

5 Major Disadvantages of Japanese School Education

We discussed before the benefits of schooling in Japan. As a teacher cum education researcher, we have to see both sides of the coin. Here, we shall see the dark side, starting with...

#1. Overcompetition

We know that Japanese students are generally bright and hardworking. However, having too many bright students going for higher education institutions cause this to happen. Fortunately, they have many institutes to choose from community college to universities. Still, the prestigious universities are much sought after (such as the elite Tokyo University), intensifying the already tough exam competition, just to get admitted. Speaking of exam...

#2. Extremely Exam-Oriented

Japan has a strong Confucian tradition of emphasizing education through discipline. Exam is the way to uphold this tradition. Exam is so prevalent that many school leavers spend most of their time attending cram schools (Juku) just to enter the prestigious universities, as mentioned above. Consequently, the education fails to cater to different students with different ability and learning style. As a result, some students having problem such as...

#3. School-Refusal Syndrome

During the primary school years, it was all fun and happy life due to its child-centered curriculum. However, things changed in secondary school as the curriculum becomes extremely exam-oriented. The stress due to exam anxiety and the parents' high expectation could lead to some students to not attending their schools. Bullying also causes this problem to occur. Speaking about bully...

#4. Bully

We learnt that Japanese students have strong class relation. This interaction sometimes put to the extreme, creating bunch of juvenile delinquents that bully others who are not in their gang. Although the cases decreasing in recent years, the threat is real and has been the source of concern to school administrators...

#5. Too strict 

The administrators and teachers have their fair share in contributing to the previous matters. Corporal punishment such as canning are exerted just because of students are not wearing the right uniform or having the proper haircut. This is prevalent in private secondary schools which have strict codes of conduct.

Here you go about the Japanese education that we always look up to. I wonder if we are lucky here with our relatively easygoing education in Malaysia... It's up to you to ponder, and decide.



  1. baru tahu the dark side sistem pendidikan di jepun. biasa yang kita tahu kelebihan diorang je. btw artikel ni sangat menarik. saya nak kongsi artikel ni dalam blog saya boleh? saya akan kreditkan semula ke entry cikgu ni