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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

4 Major Advantages of Japanese Education System

One of the best thing of studying M.Ed. is that you will learn Comparative Education. That is because you will learn and compare the education systems of countries around the world.

Interesting examples are the South African and Papuan colourful (but messy) education, Dutch sex education, American carefree schools, and our own vernacular primary schools.

And of course, the much admired Japanese education system.

To be fair, I would like to share with you both the advantages & disadvantages of Japanese education culture.

We start with the 4 major advantages first:

1. It's all about the effort you put...

2. Learning is more than just the books...

3. Instill cooperation, not competition...

4. Sense of class togetherness...

Compare with our own education culture in Malaysia that made us so different from the Japanese by the general assumptions below:

1) Most of us think that we are 'born clever' instead on focusing on hard work. 
2) We learn for the sake of exam. Hence, we learnt passively from the books.
3) Our schools use ranking system to instill competition. 
4) We compete with each other to get 'first prize' in schools.
5) We prefer to 'success alone' (berjaya sorang-sorang) instead of teaching our friends
6) We prefer to tease (ejek) our friends instead of correcting them in a constructive manner.
7) We have our own minigroup (klik dalam kelas) instead of befriending all classmates. 

In the next post, we shall learn the disadvantages of Japanese education...


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