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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Hot Tips to Understanding the 4 Protein Structures

Here is the quick note:


Primary Structure: 
A linear (simple line) polypeptide chain 

Secondary Structure: 
Polypeptide chain shaped into coils (alpha helix) & pleats (beta sheet)

Tertiary Structure: 
Many coils & sheats in 3D! (THREE --> TERTIARY --> 3D)

Quartenary Structure: 
Many tertiary structures combined with non-proteins, forming a complex protein molecule.

TEACHING & MEMORIZING TIPS: Use country analogy to remember the structures' levels:

Primary: Taman Melawati
Secondary: Ulu Klang 
Tertiary: Selangor
Quartenary: Malaysia


Thursday, 24 April 2014

Clarifying the 3 Notes in the Nervous System

We have charted the deepest oceans & mapped the observable universe. Yet, we have no idea when it comes to our brain. Interesting questions can be asked such as...

What is consciousness? 
What is mind over matter? 
Is clairvoyance possible? 
How much can we remember?
Are the brains actually the location of our souls..?
That' why the nervous system topic in Coordination & Response is one the most exciting topic in Biology F5. Before we venture forth to the mystery of the mind, let's clarify ourselves by enjoying the 3 notes below...

1) Differentiating neurone & nerve tissue

The neuron is a cell, while the nerve tissue is a bunch of similar cells. Their functions are to transmit impulse.

2) Nervous System Classification

Central nervous system (CNS) organs are located in the middle of our body, while the peripheral nervous system (PNS) components are located at the 'side' of the CNS.

The nervous system stripped from a human body. Can you identify the CNS & PNS?

3) Afferent & Efferent Neurones
Combining the notes above, we can see the arrangement of CNS/PNS & the neurones inside them. 

Afferent & efferent neurones form the PNS, with different function.

Afferent neurones are the PNS neurones transmitting impulse towards the CNS.
Efferent neurones are the PNS neurones transmitting impulse away from the CNS.

Next time, we shall explore the almighty connections that make the mind possible - the synapse. Until then...


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Chemistry MadEasy - Esterification in a Nutshell

Just look at this cool Chemistry tip & you shall understand what esterification is all about :-)


Monday, 14 April 2014

SPECIAL 100th POST - A Shitty Topic: Formation of Faeces

This topic should be no problem to you since we learnt them before in Form 2. Still, no harm in having fun checking our understanding regarding this s***.

SPM 2008 Question (Paper 2 Sec. B):
Explain the formation of faeces (4 marks).

Answer Outline:

I can't believe I already made 100 of these. I hope that with my puny effort, the learning would be more intellectually fun.

Also, I'm glad to make these as my gift to you guys, especially the teachers & students.

Thank you for your support in making this blog the numero uno in studying Biology SPM in our beloved Malaysia.

Keep up the love, and as always...

RESPECTO (Respect & Total Oh-sum)

Monday, 7 April 2014

Past Year Analysis - 4 Reasons for Food Processing

Last year SPM 2013 in Paper 2 Section B, a question asked about the reasons for food processing (total 5 marks). Here are the main 4 reasons (there are actually 5) for your quick leisurely note:


Have fun in your study and as always...


Sunday, 6 April 2014

CHECK YOUR UNDERSTANDING - 4 Points for Fish Locomotion Adaptation

Guys, check your understanding about the features in fish locomotion with your co-tutor today, Nemo:


Marks allocation for Paper 2 Section B:

(4 points) + (4 to 6 explanations) = (8 to 10 marks) --> FULL MARK.