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Friday, 7 February 2014

Teknik Menjawab Soalan Esei Jenis Aplikasi (Use of Microbes in Biotechnology)

First of all, we should realize that the Science Stream students are preparing to take higher education such as Degree and above. Thus, the teachers should prepare them to write properly structured answers in written form. 

In other words, in this blog, I am gearing you up to write thesis/dissertation/assignment/research journal in your future years as scholars, not just to pass exam. Here I show you how, by using the technique I thought your seniors before - the PEE system.

It stands for:


We shall discuss the use of PEE system on the application-question below:

Q : Discuss the roles of microorganisms in biotechnology by providing suitable examples (10 marks)

To start, let's use the SWEM point specifically for this type of question:

S - Sea pollution control
W - Waste treatment
E - Energy (clean)
M - Medicine & Health

Later, we write the explanation & the examples. Here is the complete answer:

I intentionally left the food processing point for you to dig it out :-)

It's up to you to write in table or essay form. We shall discuss this more near the SPM exam soon. Go Bra-zil! :-)