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Friday, 3 January 2014

Learning The Nitrogen Cycle With Ease

Today, we shall use my diagram to learn one of the most challenging topics in Bio SPM -nitrogen cycle. Most of the books provide the outline right away without explaining systematically according to the pedagogical theory. Here, we shall use the 'chunking' method advocated by the Information Processing Model, which is part of education cognitivism. Enjoy! (CLICK DIAGRAM TO ENLARGE)

1) Learn the 'big circle':

2) Learn the 'small circle':

3) Learn the processes:

4) Finally, learn the microorganisms.
Monster face= bacteria, FB= fungi & bacteria

Go to my previous post on Nitrogen Cycle for more detail.



  1. thank you so much.I wish you could come to penang for a free seminar :) please.

  2. Hi from Subang Jaya, Selangor here!

    AWESOME BLOG!!! Is all I can say, exam is tomorrow, ><, and I found this online. :D It's amazing, I gave up already before this, but GUESS NOT!!!

    -Tai Jun Jet from SMK USJ 4

  3. guys, im glad i can help in a small way i can. penang is quite far but i might go there next year. USJ4, one of the school which i would definitely go bcuz i teach in USJ10. all the best! :-)