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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Eight Guidances for Parents - Choosing the Right Tuition Centre

The role of tuition centres is pivotal. They are highly complemental to the nation's education system. Their role is prominent in countries such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, & Hong Kong. For example, last time I heard the BFM radio station interviewing one of the Directors in the Ministry of Education. She said that Shanghai city gained the 1st place in the recent PISA test due to the contributions of their tuition centres.

We also have many tuition centres here in Malaysia. They are one of the blooming institutes in the urban area for many years already. Which means, our education achievement should be on par with the mentioned countries just now right? Unfortunately, the Malaysia's education system is steadily deteriorating. The reasons? It could be the keep-on changing education policy (from using Malay then English then Malay again then English). It could be our culture which think of education as a for examination instead of lifelong learning. It could be the school ethos which our beloved teachers are forced to become mundane clerks, preventing them from focusing on teaching itself. The reasons are many that it's not easy to find out the real answers...

But today, I wish to talk about the tuition centres. Like many things, they can be an efficient tool for our kids learning, or their bane. Fortunately, they are soooooooooooooooooo many of them! It's a good thing for us because it encourages competition for better quality & for us parents to choose only the best one. As a tuition teacher myself, here are my tips:

1) Our kids' needs - Do your think your kids really need tuition? Do you enquire for tuition because it's a popular trend or because your kids genuinely need it? Or do they prefer group-style class? Will your kids be comfortable with the tuition environment there? All or some subjects only? Compare the fees & timetables. 

This is important because it will show you why you come to the tuition centres in the first place.  

2) The centres' image - What others say about the tuition centres? What are their highlights? Their mishaps? Search it online. Do they have active FB/Twitter account or homepage?

This is important because you need to find out whether its worth of your time/money to invest your kids future in this centre.

3) Teacher quality - The 2 most important things you must enquire are about their credibility (qualifications) & reputation (what others say about this teacher). Ask for a trial class. Do your kids feel comfortable with the tutors?

This is important because the teachers are the biggest factor to your kids learning attitude.

4) Teacher's extra quality - How about the teachers general knowledge? Do they have extra qualifications such as Masters? Can the teachers instill the love of learning to your kids? How about the teachers' teaching activity? Have they ever give talks to schools/ conduct big seminars/ teach the orphanage for free? Can you have the teacher's phone number so you can call anytime about the progress of your kids?

This is important because you can find out the teachers' professionalism. 

5) Teachers notes - Do the teachers make their own notes or just cut-&-paste from books? Are the notes systematic & enjoyably readable? How about the flow of the notes? What to expect from the notes every week?

This is important since the notes show the teachers image as genuine teachers. Also, your kids need some really good references for studying at home.

6) Location - Is it safe for your kids? Does the surrounding place look deserted/crowded especially at night? Is it near to your home? If you pick your kids, where can you comfortably wait?

This is important to ensure your kids safety.

7) Business premise - Can you trust the premise once you enter it? How's the floor? The wall decoration? Do they put photos/articles showing their previous years highlights? Check the bathrooms. Do they clean them regularly? See the classrooms. Are they noiseproof? Do you find the place homelike & cozy

This is important because the premise would indirectly affect your kids' learning experience. Also, you will know whether it is a real place that cares about your kids, not your cash.

8) Staffs - Do they monitor your kids in-between class sessions? Are they friendly enough. Can they answer every of your questions satisfactorily? Are they patient to attend to your every questions? Does the centre have both male & female staffs? Observe whether they are committed to their task or busy chatting online/with other staffs.

This is important since the staffs are your kids' guardian.  

It is still early of the year. So I hope this post would aid you in your quest to search for the right tuition centre. It might be tough to find one, but in the end it's all worth it for you kids' time and future...

...and in the end, they make you proud.


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