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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Biology Seminar - A Blast with the Best

PROLOGUE: The speaker in front of the master communicators

Last Saturday, I went to the USIM (Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia) for a seminar with the prodigies of 3 of the best schools in Malaysia -  SMAP Kajang, SMAP Labu, & SMS Seri Puteri. Active learning strategies for teaching such as inductive learning & synectics are utilized since the students are the insan kamil, which most students were academically superb & highly active in school activities (in fact, the SMAP Kajang reigns supreme as master communicator -winning 3 national-level debate championship last year).

The notes given were designed as ideal advance organisers for their reference. Nevertheless, the teaching style was predominantly direct-instruction since it was conducted in the hall. All systems -man and machine- such as audiovisual aids, internet, voice command, & body language were optimally utilized to cater the students' different learning styles. A tinge of deductive teaching was also applied since the seminar discussed the frequently-asked questions in the exam. As always, I used the Rogerian-inclined SEL (social & emotional learning) as my main theme and teaching platform - my favorite teaching style.

The students were the creme de la creme of their respective schools. Simply put, they were top scorers. So, the seminar was more an enrichment programme rather than a prescriptive one. The questions were also a form of formative assessment, HOTS (higher order thinking skill) -type, tailored to stir up the students' prior learning & increase their level of curiosity. Example of discussed questions related to Chapter 1 Biology F5:

1. Why frogs have incomplete blood circulation?
2. Why we feel cold during fever?
3. Why we have to 'respect' pus?
4. Why cats never suffer from heart attack?
5. Why we still can't cure AIDS & common cold?

The result was overwhelmingly positive. The students were in the absolute state of pure awesomeness. These pictures below hail the history we made that day:

"Tengok depan la korang nihh..."

"Best smiles, made my life wholeheartedly worthwhile"

Master of Ceremony aka The English debater & pals

After 4 hours seminar, still have enough ATP to smile

"Tengok cikgu, saya pakai pakai jaket Monster for Monocyte!"

The awe-inspiring hall

The green sea of Cikgu Heery's advance organizers...

The great guys & the graceful girls...

"Doakan kitorang k cikgu, Insyaallah sukses!... :-)"

The bouncer and the bunch, ready to bring Biology up to the blast!

I simply love the flourishing smiles along the 4-hour seminar. Time flew, and we simply didn't feel it. Thank you fellas for the great contribution of making this program a success. We just meet a few short hours...

...and made a memory lasts for a lifetime.

Kudos to Cikgu Nadrah & Cikgu Dahliza, the Ketua Panitia Biologi -the masterminds behind the whole programme. Looking forward for our next meeting...

...with more surprises & awesomeness await :-)


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