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Friday, 20 December 2013

The Story of Endoplasmic Reticulums (ER)

Here are the points of ER for easy comprehension:

1. There are 2 ER in cells - rough & smooth. The ribosomes are attached at rough ER.
"This R means Ribosome"
"Ohh... I thought R stands for Rosak Masa Depan Dia."

2. The function of ribosomes are to synthesize proteins. The rough ER will carry the proteins.

3. The function of smooth ER is to do both synthesize & transporting lipids (tough jobs!)
"My life is miserable & I like it."

4. Finally, both proteins & lipids will be send to Golgi apparatus to be further processed/modified & packaged and send them out of the cell.
"The reticulums have arrived. Do you really reti xxxxx?"


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