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Most Sought After Biology Notes

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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Teknik Menjawab Soalan - Using FADDDDD to Answer Eutrophication Questions

Where Green Lantern goes swimming...

Eutrophication is one of the most famous question for Biology SPM. Here, I give you technique to answer it by using FADDDDD ( 1 F & 5 'D's).

The FADDDDD outline:

The specific question for this FADDDDD would be about the process & consequence of eutrophication. Let's discuss what are the initials in the FADDDDD:

F - Fertilizers
A - Algal bloom
D - Die (submerged plants)
D - Die (aquatic life aka fishes)
D - Die (alga itself!)
D - Decomposition
D - Dead zone

The FADDDDD is favorable as it covers all important points needed for full marks (terms, explanations/processes, & examples - remember PEE system in my previous posts). Below is the example of a good answer from an A-list student:

Q: Discuss the eutrophication process which leads to a high BOD in an ecosystem. 

Answer Outline:

The answer is given full marks (nearly 100%) because it contains these important points:

1. Can you see the red bold words? Those are the important terms (istilah) enlisted as FADDDDD.
2. Can you see the blue bold words? Those are the right examples.
3. Can you see the red-underlined sentences? Those are the correct explanations.

Congratulations for having no more problems on eutrophication! Wish you an awesome Bio blast for the whole year :-)



  1. Tomorrow is my bio spm .. Is too helpful .. Inshallah ..

  2. Really helpful. Thank you. Got out of a despondent state. :)