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Monday, 2 December 2013

SPM is Over, What Now? - 5 Things to Do

To my 96ers, congratulations for settling the SPM score. Now, enjoy the holiday and have some meaningful fun. But, what specifically can you do with your time? Here I suggest some activities to do while waiting to go for the higher level next year...

1) Find Jobs

The most obvious choice for school leavers. You can easily go to the mall and see the vacation post outside the the shops' lot. You shall gain some working experience and gain a few bucks to eke out your days as the slave in the capitalism world :-p Too bad I didn't work before after SPM...

2) Exercise

Yup, I didn't take any job, but I'd done something more exciting and enjoyable. Back in 1998, I lived in Kuala Terengganu, a cosy place with lush greenery and beautiful beach. I jogged along the Batu Buruk, hiked the Bukit Besar, and cycled the whole town. It was the best thing I'd ever done. It keep myself fit for the college, where I meet my hot ex-gf. It worked really well for me. It will do the same to you :-)

3) Learn New Skills

If you are online 24/7, this is for you. You can learn practical skills such as communication skills or foreign languages or cooking or graphic design. Hell, you simply can learn everything! It's time to upgrade yourself with some new exciting knowledge. Who says upgrading is only for video game characters :-)

4) Travelling

Go outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Plan a trip with your family and friends. Go balik kampung and discover things you haven't noticed before. Or join any backpacking clubs available online. Discover new places, and liven the experience :-D

5) Socialize - Outside

Yup, the real ones, not via FB/Twitter. Use the time you go hanging out to meet new friends (make sure you are accompanied with mutual buddies). Plan for the four suggestions above. Or take this opportunity to practice the communication skills you've learnt online. To make it more a surprise, volunteer at nearby charity organisations or zoo. The key is to have quality time with yourselves and people around you.

It all boils down to one question - how would like your holiday to by exciting and meaningful? I wish you fun and RESPECTO.

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