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Sunday, 1 December 2013

School Holiday Special - The Story of 3 Sugar Molecules

I guess you know these guys - the simple sugar molecules or the monosaccharides.

When they marry each other, they are known as disaccharides.

a) Glucose lives with another glucose - they are known as
maltose (meaningful marriage)

b) Glucose marries the galactose - they are known as lactose (lame marriage)

c) Finally, glucose may marries the fructose - they are known as
sucrose. (marriage that sucks...)

If you have problem memorizing, just remember GUGUMA, GAGULA & FUGUSU.

GUGUMA = Glu + Glu --> Maltose
GAGULA = Galac. + Glu --> Lactose
FUGUSU = Fruc. + Glu --> Sucrose

Finally, don't forget that these processes release water -since they are married, so much 'water' would be spilled, heheheh ;-p


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