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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Osmosis MadEasy

Observe the diagram & understand the points of water transport across SPM (semi-permeable membrane). (click diagram to enlarge)

"Wah, kat sana cambest je banyak Milo..."


"14 Milo with 14 water --- 2 Milo with 2 water"

Thus, we can understand that:

1. In osmosis only water molecules that diffuse.
2. It moves from much-water to less-water region. (high water area --> low water area : HILO).
3. Like going down the water slide, it happens without energy (passive transport).
3. Solute (Milo) cannot move because it's too large to pass SPM.
4. It happens until equilibrium (both areas are balanced Milo regions).


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