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Sunday, 23 November 2014

BONUS SPM 2014 - My Sweet Auxin... (5 Features of Auxin)

My Sweet Lil' Auxin

Such a sweet girl so fine,
yet so shy to the shine.

Heralding from tip of fantasy,
gracing down elongating our reality.

Up in mind she stimulates us heartily,
down in heart she subdues us mindfully.

Let's analyze the above poem to identify the auxin features:

1. "...shy to the shine" - Auxin is sensitive to light (auksin adalah sensitif cahaya)

2. "...from tip..." - Auxin is produced in the plants' tips (auksin terhasil di hujung pucuk/akar)

3. "...elongating our reality" - Auxin works in elongation zone. (zon pemanjangan sel)

4. "Up in mind... stimulates..." - Auxin stimulates cell growth in shoots. (merangsang pertumbuhan sel dalam pucuk)

5. " Down in heart... subdues..." - Auxin inhibits cell growth in roots. (merencat pertumbuhan sel dalam akar)


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