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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Fieldtrip - Importance of Mangrove Swamp (Using 3+3) (REVISITED & UPDATED FOR SPM 2017)

Let's go to the one of popular questions in SPM -mangrove swamp thing!

Question: Discuss the importance of mangrove swamp to the environment & human being.

As usual, we are going to use my trademark PEE system for this question. Here we go!

"The Man and the Mangrove"
The viviparous seed -see the young roots sticking out

Today's Main Points:


1. As a habitat for many animals: (1m)
-for endangered species such as salt-water crocodile & migratory birds. (1m)

2. As a barrier between the sea and land: (1m)
-prevent soil erosion due to wave & wind. (1m)
-prevent soil sediment from entering sea. (1m)
-prevent saltwater from entering river. (1m)

3. As a breeding ground for animals: (1m)
-fishes, crabs & prawns can live because of  shallowness, warm water, & slow current. (1m)


1. As valuable resources: (1m)
-plants as timbers (kayu-kayan) and medicines. (1m)
-fishes as food sources. (1m)

2. As site for scientific research: (1m)
-study ecosystem of mangrove swamp and its connection to world as a whole. (1m)
-study of unique species such as the path of migratory birds. (1m)

3. As site for ecotourism: (1m)
-provide aesthetic value that mangrove swamp is our heritage & must be preserved. (1m)
-for many activities such as boating , snorkeling, bird watching, fishing. (1m)
-examples are the Kuala Selangor Nature Park & Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve. (1m)

Ways to memorize:

1. Group the main points (chunking) and extract the first alphabets:

2. Create a simple yet memorable sentence:

HBB ERR --> "Habeb err...?" --> "Ha, Bieber!"
(ask your teacher to sing/dance/act queer to make it memorable)

Congratulations for mastering this crucial subtopic! Wish you the best of Bio blast for next year's study endeavor :-)
p/s: Onward Towards Success


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