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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Discover Biology SPM - 31 Most Fascinating Questions To Ask Your Bio Teacher

These are the FAQ by my students about the wonder of Biology SPM. All Bio teachers should know how answer them -scientifically- instead of the discouraging 'only God knows'.  


Chapter 2 & 3 - Cell & Plasma Membrane
1. How life on Earth begins 4 billion years ago? Is it from single cell?
2. Can human cells conduct photosynthesis if chloroplasts are present?
3. Is it true that a cell is more complex than a city? How complex is our cell?
4. What is nanotechnology. How can it be applied on a cellular level?

Chapter 4 & 5 - Biochemicals & Cell Division
5. Can we one day regrow our lost limb/organs?
6. All living things on Earth are DNA-based lifeforms. What kind of lifeforms would be for the aliens?
7. Is human cloning possible?

Chapter 6 - Nutrition
8. Is it true that eating less causes us to live longer? What are the empirical proofs?
9. Can lamp replace sunlight for photosynthesis?

Chapter 7 - Respiration
10. What makes oxygen as the most special gas for respiration?
11. Is it true that exercising too much will cause oxygen toxicity, leading to diseases?

Chapter 8 & 9 - Ecosystem
12. How precise is human evolution?
13. Global Warming - Normal or Catastrophe?
14. "90% of species ever lived on Earth had gone. This is largely due to Darwin's survival of the fittest. Is that normal for us?
15. How was Malaysia during Ice Age?
16. Is it true that human beings are the virus of Earth?
17. We learn the colonization process. We are the dominant species. What about the previous ones? Was it the Neanderthals?


Chapter 1 - Transport
18. Humans have low total surface area per volume (TSA/V). Meaning that humanoid giant is highly improbable because of lower TSA/V. How is that so?

Chapter 2 - Locomotion
19. Like the body of cheetah suitable for quick run, horse for long run, fish for swimming, what would be the most ideal activity for human body judging from its body proportion?

Chapter 3 - Coordination
20. Why human is the most intelligent being? Is it due us having the largest brain volume?
21. AI today having the intelligent of an insect. Can robots one day feel emotions & become self-aware?
22. We act due to memories of past experience and instinct. Does it mean that we are merely a living robot?
23. Plants do not have nervous system. Does it mean that they don't feel any emotion?
24. Thalamus in brain is the centre of our self-awareness. Does it mean that our souls are located there?

Chapter 4 - Reproduction
25. Can we separate XX and XY sperms?
26. Why we don't have mating seasons like the animals?
27. Interestingly, we all started as female in our mothers' uterus due to X-chromosome. Why is that so?
28. We learnt that men & women differ due to testosterone & estrogen. Can I (boy) change my gender (becoming a girl) simply by taking more estrogen pills?
29. Why do men have nipples?

Chapter 5 & 6 - Inheritance & Variation
30. Is it true that mixed-marriages produce more beautiful children due to accumulation of dominant genes?
31. Humans are 98% genetically identical to chimpanzeesHow significant is that?


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