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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Comparing SA & AV Nodes Using 5-3 Points

Here are the 5-3 main differences you must know between SA node & AV node for super-easy comprehension.
"This ball is the Adidas Impulse"


1. Location: right atrium.
2. Function: As pacemaker (perentak(because it initiates impulse transmission) & causes atria to contract. 
3. Send impulse to AV node.
4. No specific means to distribute impulse.
5. Connected to 2 nerves:

a. parasympathetic nerve - reduce heartbeat rate (P for parasympathetic - P for Pelan-pelan...)
b. sympathetic nerve - increase heartbeat rate - (S for sympathetic - S for Speed up)


1. Location: between atria & ventricles
2. Function: receive impulse from SA node & cause ventricles contraction.
3. Have 2 specific means to distribute impulse in ventricles:

a. bundle of His - the "main highway"
b. Purkinje fibre - the "small roads"


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