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Thursday, 6 November 2014

(UPDATED) FORECAST 2014 SERIES #3 - All About Ozone layer

Here are the typical questions examination asked about ozone. Just read this and you don't have to worry anymore about answering ozone-type questions :-)

"The Invisible Battle"

Q1) Function of ozone?
Protect living things on Earth from harmful sun's UV ray

Q2) Substance that causes ozone layer thinning?
CFC - Chlorofluorocarbons

Q3) Sources of CFC?
Cooling agents in refrigerator, air conditioner, & aerosol spray

Q4) How CFC causes the ozone layer thinning?
CFC converts ozone into oxygen gas and chlorine monoxide

Q5) Effects of UV ray to human being?
Skin, cancer, glaucoma, weak immune system - SGW - SG. Wang..?

Q5) Effects of UV ray to ecosystem?
-Kills phytoplanktons ('plants' in sea) --> affects food chain in sea
-Kills stomata --> reduce photosynthesis --> affetcs biotic components
-Increase Earth's temperature --> Global Warming
*I will take this off if this is too gore... :-(

Q6) How to reduce the impact of ozone layer thinning?
-Replace CFC with harmless HCFC
-Bombard the stratosphere with ozone gas


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