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Monday, 25 November 2013

Regarding the Soalan Bocor Issue - What Can We Learn From It?

Guru didakwa dalang soalan SPM bocor

1. I posted the nature and consequence of soalan bocor last year. You can read it here.

2. I know both the accusers and the suspect. In fact, I worked with the former. Their respective tuition centres are highly popular in the Setiawangsa area. The competition level between them is notoriously fierce. Worse still, they are located near to each other at the same road.

3. I heard about this soalan bocor since 2007. Hence, the suspect had been divulging for 6 years. Why then, only now the issue is being reported?

4. My students from the accusers' tuition centre shared with me the suspect's tweets. Now I realize the source of this issue.

5. The suspect kept on harassing the accuser's tuition via online.  

6. This is the consequence for having amateur teachers. He might be good in teaching but not in teaching and business ethics. 

7. He should understand that bombarding the competitor using bad words is not a good idea. It carries negative connotation. It reflects on who you really are. In a long term, it shall ruin your reputation and spell the death of your teaching career.

8. Learn from Coke VS Pepsi, Mac VS PC, or McD VS everybody else. They are in constant business tug-of-war, yet they can get along just fine.  

9. It's the job of the costumer to attack your competitor, not you. Focus on your strength. Let the customer do the bashing. 

10. I'm myself a tuition teacher in Cheras with much higher level of competition than Setiawangsa. Instead on condemning other teachers, I take Masters in Education. I polish my drawing skills. I take professional courses. I read books 4 hours daily. All to enhance my teaching professionalism.  

11. All of these go down to one important gist - Avoid documenting your term of abuse. Let this be a lesson to you. 


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  1. Greeting Cikgu Heery .....

    Looking at the glimpse of your many articles, I can simply conclude that you are not only a dedicated teacher, but also a person who is passionate and wholeheartedly places the interest in teaching profession. Salute to that.

    I was drawn (actually volunteering myself) into this fiasco not as a competitor, but as a parent. When it happened in 2007 the year one my sons sat for SPM, his despair and frustration drove me to find out more how and where it happened.

    The findings of my investigation were rather shocking and any disclosure would be damaging because it did involve a mosque. So I kept my findings tight in the closet.

    As it happened again recently, I found the courage to disclose my findings hoping the truth will prevail. This has to be stopped.