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Monday, 14 October 2013

BIOLOGY 2013 FORECAST SERIES 6 - Lymphatic System (PART II)

Lymphatic system is one of the toughest chapter to master in Biology F5. Fortunately, we already covered the first part here. Now we shall continue the 2nd part, study it, conquer it and master it once and for all!


6. Two most abundant components of lymph fluid?
Lipid & Lymphocytes (the 2L).

7. Blood vessels which the interstitial fluid is returned to the bloodstream?
Right & Left subclavian vein.

8. Lymphatic system has no heart. How is the fluid moved?
Via contraction of skeletal muscle - that's why we need to exercise!

9. Lymphatic system part that absorbs lipid in small intestine?

10. 2 diseases, causes & common characteristic?
Oedema - IF cannot return to the bloodstream.
Elephantiasis - lymphatic vessels are blocked by worms.
Common characteristic - SWELLING.



  1. teacher, can i write red blood cell instead of erythrocytes , SA node instead of sinoatrial node in SPM?

    1. yes u can for red blood cell. also for abbreviation like SA node u should mention its full term first then in bracket like "...the function of of sinoatrial node (SAN) is to generate impulse. SAN is located in the right atrium..."